There is only one King

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The Online King Of World’s Retail Industry


Who deserves to be the King Of UAE’s Retail Industry?

Guess The One Worthy To Be The King


A_ _ _ _ N

The world’s largest online retail store & is owned by the world’s most powerful businessman.


L _ _ U Group

Arguably the most Influential UAE Based retail chain & is owned by a Kingmaker, who is also one of the most powerful Powerbroker in the world.


C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ R

With over 12000 stores and 370000+ employees they are a superpower in the arabian retail industry.It is led by the former Chief Director Of Inspectorate General of Finances.


N_ _ _ _ O Group

One of the fastest growing & most loved retail chain in the Middle East. It is owned by one of the most powerful business man in the region.


N_ _N

GCC’s largest e-commerce company owned by one of the Greatest Visionary & Business Tycoon of the arab world.

Electing UAE’s Retail King

Vote & Elect The Retail King of UAE: The Trading Capital Of The Arab World.

Bid For The Priceless


 UAE the trading capital of Arabia is one of the globally leading Nation.When the .com version of this domain points to the World’s Most Powerful Retail Businessman


The .ae

Version should rightfully point to UAE’s Most Powerful Retail Businessman.


The Retail King of UAE

.….The Election for the spot of UAE’s Retail King Begins…..